Ridgid Table Saw R4512

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Supplier: Home Depot
  • Supplier: Home Depot
  • Starting Inventory: 1
  • Model: R4512
  • Serial Number: EM110407190

Ridgid Table Saw R4512 Manual.pdf

Conveyor Roller Table.jpg

Searching Craigslist, I found some cheap used flow racks, which I converted into conveyor roller tables for easy panel cutting. The tables stand slightly above the height of the table saw at 37". I built one for the front and back of the table saw.

I equipped each table with a 4-Foot 12-Outlet Power Strip.

Under the roller tops, I created 36" x 30-1/2" table tops that would fit on top of the roller tops.

Table Saw Crosscut Sled.jpg
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