Ridgid Band Saw BS14002

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Supplier: Home Depot
  • Supplier: Home Depot
  • Starting Inventory: 1
  • Model: BS14002
  • Serial Number: AM052844603


<pdf>Ridgid Band Saw BS14002 Manual.pdf</pdf>

  • I installed a new belt.
  • I removed the rubber motor grommets.
  • I installed a sheet of 3/4" MDF on top of the stand for more structural support.

Band Saw Circle-Cutting Jig.jpg
  1. Find the center of your square piece
  2. Drill an 1/8" hole at the center
  3. Align the center pin of the jig with the center hole in your work piece
    • When properly aligned, your work piece should lay flat and rotate easily on the jig's center pin
  4. Holding your work piece and preventing it from rotating, push the jig and work piece into the cutting blade until you reach the stop block.
  5. Once at the stop block, now rotate the work piece on the jig's center pin.

When finished, you should now have a circle work piece.

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