Amphitheater Plaza Cocktail Table Top Replacements

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Plywood Sheets

Duration: 20 minutes for cutting two (2) sheets into sixteen (16) 24"x24" squares.

Each tabletop is made from two (2) 48"x96" 3/4" plywood sheets, each of which is cut into eight (8) 24"x24" squares. This is enough to make eight (8) tabletops.


Duration: 6 minutes (from marking the center to sanding the start mark)


  • Duration: 4 minutes
    • Drying Time:

Planing and Jointing

This applies other to the first method of tabletop construction.



Duration: 3 minutes



This was the original idea, but based upon the weathering of the initial batch of tabletops, I decided to go with a deck paint instead.


Duration: 1 hour for a batch of (8) tabletops

The primer dries fast enough that by the time you finish painting the top of the last of the eight tabletops, you can flip the first one over and prime the bottom.


Bottoms and Sides

Duration: 1 hour for a batch of (8) tabletops

Drying time is needed before flipping the tabletops over and painting the tops.

Tops and Sides

Second Tops and Sides Coat


Originally I constructed a dozen table tops constructed with either 2"x12" or 2"x10" lumber joined together with biscuits and wood glue. The problem was, despite running the lumber through the thickness planer, the boards would continue to cup. Also, the boards would also split.

After some time to mull ovr my options, I am now attempting to glue (2) 24" square sheets of 3/4" plywood together. The bottom piece is standard construction grade, but the top piece is a sanded grade.



  • Originally 24" diameter
  • Now 23" diameter

Total Pieces

  • 250 Table Tops